Life Signature Facials

Regular facials can keep your skin healthy and glowing by fighting the pollution of the city life. A facial is a multi-beneficial service that cleanses your pores, removes blackheads, clears pimples and nourishes your skin leaving a beautiful glow. Our professional experts will suggest you the right kind of facial for your skin. From fruit facial to gold facial, we have it all. Our experienced staff will provide you the best facial service that will not only clear out your skin but will also help you rejuvenate yourself.

So, lie back and relax, because you deserve to pamper yourself!


Is your skin facing discolouration or pigmentation? Our skin lightening bleach service will solve your skin worries in no time. Our high-quality bleaching cream provides the best results without any skin damage.

Whether you want a face bleach or a full body bleach, our experts will offer you the service without any side effects causing acne, clogged pores or pimples.

Enjoy a soft and fair skin in no time with our bleaching service


Went to the beach lately? Outdoor activities giving you a lot of tan? Well, tan removal is now easy and effective with Life salon. Even out your skin tone by getting a De-tan session with our professionals. Let your pores breathe and see your skin return to its natural state in no time.

It is very vital to remove the dead cells from your skin after being out in the sun for a long time. Gain your natural, fresh look with this service of ours.

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